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The president of Aeroflot, the leading Russian air, Vitali Savéliev, believes that “the risk of transmission of coronavirus aboard an airplane is low, there is urgent need of place passengers according to the chessboard ” (leaving a seat open between each user), although there will be mandatory face masks and gloves. So reported Monday to president Vladimir Putin, who received him in his office to discuss the possible resumption of flights into the foreign face in the summer.

Savéliev was posed to Putin the need to open as soon as possible to the borders of Russia to restore air links with foreign countries, to which the president replied that “there is no clarity in terms of what will make our partners in many countries of the world , including Europe, nor do they themselves agree. We don’t know when they will open their borders to citizens of third countries, among them russians, even during the summer vacation”.

So, for the moment, Aeroflot must conform with the reset of the flights only within the territory of Russia, in some of whose regions are still existing restrictions linked to the COVID-19. In this regard, the head of the company told Putin that expected for December, “we have been able to resume the transport of domestic levels, 2019, ( … ), and internationally by march of 2021”.

Aeroflot, the largest, is a Russian airline that the more losses you have experienced because of the pandemic. Expects to receive from the Russian Government aid to the amount of 80,000 million rubles (1,000 million euros) , an amount that experts in the market estimate that it could be insufficient. The number of hiv infections in Russia is nearing 700,000, being the fourth country in the world in terms of this indicator, and a sum almost 10.500 deaths.