What speaks for AKK, what Merz, what for Spahn? The What-question, this type of narrative framework of the regional conferences, was yesterday. The Who-question is today. It is the advocate cavort. Who speaks for AKK, who for Merz, who for Spahn? Thus, backstage is a whole new, a meta-races opened the race of the advocate – Yes, the front hand each of their favorites in the successor to Merkel’s party chairmanship, so to AKK, Merz or Spahn, but “in essence” (AKK) race the intercessor for your favorites, but for yourself. It’s your race, but inevitably also to a Prestige event in their own right.

This shows who the advocates of political weight, and so a “Whoa!”, as soon as the Name of the Minion is like, and who runs in contrast to the Blank, because pork seems to take an interest, whether she or he is now AKK, Merz or Spahn. While schäuble’s vote has been recorded for Merz as a judgment of God, were able to achieve the other intercessor, no comparable peak values in the attention economy. Schäuble needs to be of its strong role as Father-figure of the party entirely been aware of, otherwise he would not have spoken of present in spirit in the registry of the mosaic ontology, as he formulated the sentence: “It would be Best for the country, when Friedrich Merz, will receive a majority at the party Congress.”

Wild votierende mass of the poseur

As it stands now, carved in a legislative panel. Schaeuble is speaking from a Outside, from a higher perspective, when he speaks of “the Land”, not, culture is relativistic about “our country”, and Merz also not personalist “the Best”, but objectivistic, according to the nature of the summum bonum, “the Best” for the country. So can only speak of a: Schäuble. All the other apologists go down in contrast, in a wild mess am in favour of giving the mass of the busybody. Who wants to really know whether Blüm, Reul, Hans for AKK, Oettinger, Linnemann, Bosbach for Merz and nobody for Spahn?