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Bring us your vision and point of view to face the rest of the season and what steps they should take to follow in the ‘growth’ sport of the young sailors in Optimist and achieve and maintain the good level they had obtained up to the alarm state, after participating in three tests in the international arena.

We are still moving forward and with a return to normal staggered in the field of sport, but intense. How do you see this return, and what protocol these following?

This return is necessary for all, though it may be a minority in Spain. On the part of the Club Náutico S’arenal are beginning to carry out security protocols to return to the new normal. The children come to the Club with masks and gloves and at the entrance were to take the temperature. On the esplanade you have to keep the safety distance of 2 metres in order to assemble the ship. At the time of pulling the boats to the water there can be no crowds at the ramp. To the back of the sail, the procedure is the same, pass the vessels with water is done with gloves and masks. It is not allowed to use the showers of the Club, so that every sailor must take a shower at your house.

As a coach of the Spanish team Optimist, what has the course for you the cancellation official appointments of Estonia and Italy?

Has been, and is, a complicated situation. At the start of the pandemic could not even imagine that this would go so far, but as I was watching the evolution of the pandemic because I assumed that it was unfeasible to conduct such championships. It has been hard and complicated as the planning of the season has not served for nothing. What is clear, however, that the first thing is health, and have done well to cancel these championships.

do you See feasible that already in August, if not sooner, or already, in September, to be able to celebrate at least the championship of Spain of the class?

I Think it would be viable, provided that it is conducted in conditions of safety and taking the appropriate measures. I would agree that was performed on those dates, but again, it should be done with the maximum security possible.

what is the effect of a coach all these great changes that have been made now in the sport?

In my case, is a big change because I was used to get out of the championship outside of Mallorca 1-2 times a month, make the format of the Excellence Cup, and go to international championships. It is a stop all, both at the level of teaching, as at the economic level. I think that, in our scope, we will soon long to get back to what we knew before.

Think positive that as soon as possible, the sailors of Optimist, so young and with a age short, return to activity and go out to sail in order not to lose those feelings, that feeling with the boat and the sport of sailing

I Think that it is important to return to normal, I think that the spread would have been minimal, as it is an outdoor sport in which there is little contact between athletes. By implementing the security measures on land and in the sea he would have been able to continue surfing. Even so, I think the first thing is the health. Another option would have been to reduce to a minimum the groups of workouts. We are used to, and situations of space in some clubs, to take the sailing ships and child sailing dinghy with space to pass between them, to be very attached to each other by ‘lack of space’. Do you think these new socks may be worn to practice in the sport of sailing, with these safety standards, a gap between the one and the other, etc? Yes, I think that yes that would have been carried out. As in large cities has enabled streets for pedestrians, I see viable is to expand these areas in club nautical order to keep the safety distance.

In the Optimist class, is there some alternative plan after you canceled the europe and the World in Spain in face of the national team, even though they have not been able to set up the national teams will not compete in the Cup and Championship of Spain?

The truth that this is all in the air. I believe that this year is a lost year in all aspects.

with regard to the clinics that has been organizing to date AECIO, in coordination with some clubs and federations that have requested it, do you expand now the number of these clinics that would come to be between 4 and 5, or still that is being studied by the class?

I Think that would be a good option to expand the number of clinics, reducing the number of sailors participating. This would be encouraging training of the sailors. You will have to reduce the number of international races and the number of participants for the risks involved, so I see a real option to increase the number of clinics. Therefore, I think that might be a good idea to try to create an internal structure with homogeneous expertise in all the territory.

Although we have not had much time to do a great balance, just two months and with only three important appointments and international in this 2020, how have you seen the new generation and the ‘veterans’ who have taken up the baton of those who have left the class?

I Think that we have a huge fleet in Spain, with very good sailors. The truth is that I was watching well-prepared, there were 10 Spanish sailors who were in the top international races, and I think that the 2020 was going to be a good year for Spain at international level. Now we just wait and take advantage of this period to continue forming our sailors, what I have said, when there are fewer international races would be a good idea to create an internal structure with homogeneous expertise in all the territory.