Addiction, women in his life, paternity… The secrets of Pierre Arditi


Pierre Arditi delivers like never before. Flagship face of comedy in France, the actor who celebrated his 78th birthday at the beginning of the month remains a popular personality with the public. Renowned for his outspokenness, he does not hesitate to reveal secrets of his private life in each of his interviews.

Like this Monday, December 19, when Pierre Arditi was the guest of Sonia Mabrouk in L’Entretien on Europe 1 radio. In promotion for the film Maestro(s) directed by Bruno Chiche, the actor evoked the daily challenges of society, believing that it needed time to solve its problems and properly help the next generation. If we think that some stars are disconnected from reality, the actor wanted to prove the opposite by evoking, for example, one of his old demons: his addiction to gambling.

“At one time, I was on fire. I was a real gambler, that is to say, I was going to play in circles and in casinos,” said the famous comedian on the air, continuing. “One day, my narcissism saved me because I was losing myself. lost my mind”.

A personal problem that the French actor Pierre Arditi solved after a long fight. “I actually took ten years to get out of it,” he said before adding. “We are also here to make sure that others are less ill these days.”

In 2018, the septuagenarian already confided in this drug, that he plunged it into this infernal spiral. “As always in these cases, life does a disservice, that is to say, we won. The next day, we lost of course […] We play to try to recover what we lost, but obviously we never get back what we lost. And the more we play, the more we lose, and the more we lose, the deeper we sink, and the deeper we sink, the more we end up not watching life in front, and especially oneself in front”, he underlined facing Nagui in The Original Band on France Inter. If the actor is now weaned from any addiction, he can count on the support of his wife.

Since 1986, actor Pierre Arditi has shared the life of actress Evelyne Bouix. A long story during which the actor raised Salomé Lelouch, the daughter of his wife born from a previous union with Claude Lelouch. Later, the couple sealed their love by getting married after 24 years of love.

In an interview for Gala in September 2021, Pierre Arditi confided. “We got married in 2010, it’s still been eleven years! We took our time. Évelyne had never been married, I had already been once with a woman”, before explaining why the couple never had children together. “We wanted it, but not at the same time. Pierre wanted it right away, while I wanted to take advantage of my daughter. And when I felt ready, it was he who wasn’t, he was too old”, declared his wife to the magazine people.

Before their meeting, Pierre Arditi had a brief hidden affair with the singer Barbara in the 1970s. If their story only lasted a few months, the actor has fond memories. “I shared the intimacy of this woman for a few months. It was magnificent”, he told on RTL in the program A la bonneheure, according to comments relayed by Gala. At the time, the actor was in his thirties while the interpreter of The Black Eagle was 45 years old. “It was a moment in my life that was very beautiful, very significant,” he confides wistfully. “I had this chance to have this relationship all to myself for a few months, that’s it”.

However, the first love of Pierre Arditi remains forever the actress Florence Giorgetti. From their union in 1966, the couple welcomed their son Julien, born in June 1969. But, after 12 years of union, the couple divorced in 1978. The famous actress died in 2019 at the age of 76. If the actor is today a happy grandfather, he has however struggled to assume his own role as a father in the past.

Married to his first wife, Pierre Arditi experienced the joys of fatherhood with the birth of his son Julien (now a painter). While talking about his role as a father with Yvan Attal in Bruno Chiche’s film, the actor made a connection with his own family life. The opportunity for the septuagenarian to express his regrets vis-à-vis his son, now 53 years old.

“There are no good parents, it does not exist. I can speak knowingly. I am myself one of the murderers of my own son”, he dropped in front of Sonia Mabrouk on Europe 1. “It’s quite violent as an expression, but when he came into the world, his mother and I, my first wife, we were in the process of making ourselves as actors. So he didn’t did not have what a child expects from his father and his mother. He did a bit like Proust. From time to time, he had to be alone in his bed crying because his mother did not come to kiss him on the front.”

An absence that the two famous parents have “paid very dearly”, assured Pierre Arditi on the radio. “When we wanted to talk to my son, we had to call him because he wasn’t calling anymore. He would say ‘Me, there’s no problem, I’m glad to see you, but I’m not calling’ “, according to comments relayed by Purepeople. If the patriarch assures that the tensions are appeased, he fully lives his family life surrounded by his loved ones.