Suddenly self-spread on Bread, is political. “Dear brown on bread than brown in the head!” space on the poster near the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial Church on Berlin’s breitscheid. And further: “Against racism, intolerance and right-wing agitation of the AfD!” A glass with Nutella, one of the most well-known brands of the Ferrero group.

Jonas Jansen

editor in the business, responsible for the “network economy”.

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Although the color choice fits the brand, surprised at the tone of the message, which also explains why the photo is spreading fast in the social networks. Like the poster, only a handful of people run over, on the Internet, the messages quickly reaches tens of thousands of people. The “Stay Behind Foundation”, a group of activists, says that they “incited unrest whenever and wherever it appears necessary to us”, posted a photo of it on Facebook and Twitter. Whether you put behind it, leaves you open, of course.

Because the poster is obviously a fake, even if the do not understand each of the viewer in the network directly. Ferrero confirmed not to demand that the poster was from the company. The case was being investigated, is it just from the Germany headquarters of the Italian confectionery manufacturer, for products such as kids-chocolate, milk-cuts or Rocher known.

adbusting-those are, a hybrid of the English words “ad” for display and “to bust” for destruction, and it is this Form of activism. It is closely associated with the Sprayertum, just advertising posters will be alienated. It was invented probably by the end of the Seventies, by a group called “Billboard Liberation Front”. The wanted to defend himself, flashing messages in the public space, their re-creation of the advertising should not be of the actual campaign are distinguishable. So the Cowboy yawned suddenly in the Marlboro Billboard advertising, because he will look in the same campaigns cool and it should smoke.

adbusting-those are art?

The can be, on the one hand, an attack on the Advertising: So two years ago, posters of the German armed forces for an Internet series, the Mali-use were changed in many Places. Or it is transported, as in the case of Ferrero, a means to an end with well-known brands, a very different message.

The Interpretation of the “Adbustings” apart, however. The activists see this mostly as an artistic Expression, the affected companies and Billboard providers as damage to property. The outdoor advertiser Walldecaux, the showcase was opened and the fake Nutella advertising placarded, it shall notify that the poster was removed in less than two hours. “So-called Adbustings are very rare and will be removed immediately,” said a spokesman on request. “Legal steps we consider in each individual case.” Also the competitors, Ströer manages such cases in a similar way.