Like other social benefits, the activity bonus was increased by 4% this summer under the purchasing power protection law. This aid, which came into effect on January 1, 2016 to replace the employment bonus and the activity RSA, aims to financially support low-income workers and encourage the unemployed to find a job. It is paid monthly, on the 5th of the month in arrears.

To be entitled to the activity bonus, the applicant must be over 18, live in France on a stable basis (at least 9 months in the year), have a professional activity or be compensated for partial/technical unemployment , and be French or a citizen of the European Economic Area.

The Swiss or people with a residence permit valid for at least 5 years are also eligible, can we read on the CAF website. Finally, students or apprentices can also receive this financial aid if they receive a monthly income of more than 1028.96 euros.

The amount of the activity bonus depends on the situation of the applicant. Household composition and resources are taken into account. For a single person without children, the income ceiling is, for example, 1.5 Smic, or approximately €1,800 net per month in 2022.

Before the revaluation of this summer, the maximum amount is €563.68 for a single person without children, €845.52 for a single person with one child and €1,014.62 with two children. The maximum amount is €845.52 for a couple without children and €1,014.62 for a couple with one child.

If you think you are entitled to this bonus and you want to know the amount, you can use the online simulator available on the CAF website.

To benefit from the activity bonus, whether you are already a CAF recipient or not, you must apply online. “If your request is accepted, you will receive a notification of the allocation of an activity bonus with the amount you will receive. This notification is valid for 3 months, your situation will then be reassessed every 3 months”, indicates the CAF on his website.

Each quarter, the applicant must therefore declare his income and that of all members of his household. You are also asked to report any change in professional or family situation.