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The collapse of the traffic in the toll roads of Abertis was the result of ACS between January and June. The infrastructure group won 361 million, 30.9% less in the first half. Without taking into account the impact of the concessionaire, reducing the 141 million to net income, the earnings of the company could hardly have fallen 5.1% in a semester “exceptional” conditioned by the state of alarm, and the pandemic of the coronavirus.

ACS said in a statement yesterday submitted to the CNMV that, while the traffic of the dealership has already empiezado to rebound, came to register a drop of 64.4% during the month of April for the confinement. is “The lifting of these restrictions in June has allowed for the recovery gradual traffic”, stressed yesterday the group. Abertis closed the sixth month of the year with an annual decline of users of 19.8%.

The ebitda was also affected by the decline of business from the dealership and fell 17% to 1.345 million. Without addressing this impact, the fall would be limited to 6.8%.

beyond of Abertis, the infrastructure group continued to show a billing robust in the first half. ACS recorded sales of 18.337 billion between January and June, representing just 2.6% less than in the same period of 2019. In addition, the arm investor of the company remained intact: the group performed transactions with a value of 672 million euros up to June.

The portfolio also maintained its strength, and closed the first half on 75.812 million euros despite the slowdown in trade caused by the pandemic. is 43% of the same proceeds in addition to north America.

For the business areas, the Infrastructure provided 161 million for the benefit of the group, a 45.4 per cent less than in the first half of 2019, again by the ballast of Abertis. In contrast, construction activity remained strong, with sales of 14.015 million (+1.3 percent). Services to the citizens threw a few sales of 759 million, 3.4% less, due to the impact of the pandemic.

In regard to the financial situation, the ACS group presents the end of the first semester of 2020 with a balance of debt net of 2.699 million euros, a figure 1.974 million euros higher than a year ago, after having dealt with the payments derived from the output of CCBT on the part of Cimic, to increase the volume of operational investments and financial and increase the treasury shares in ACS and Hochtief.

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