With the recent adoption of the pension reform, many changes are to be expected for future retirements. Among them, the rules of combining employment and retirement should also change as soon as the text of the law is implemented. It should be remembered that combining employment and retirement is attracting more and more French people, who are choosing to resume a professional activity after their retirement. In this way, the income from this new job, as well as the acquired retirement pensions, can be accumulated. However, care must be taken not to exceed a certain amount in specific cases. How will you be able to increase your pension, thanks to this device and the validation of the pension reform?

After your retirement, combining employment and retirement allows you to resume or continue a professional activity, while combining the income from this work with your retirement pensions. Depending on your personal situation, this accumulation can be total or partial. To combine your new job and your pension in full, you must have obtained all your basic and supplementary pensions from all your plans. You must have benefited from your basic pension from the Social Security pension insurance at the full rate.

In the event that you cannot claim full employment-retirement accumulation, it is however possible for you to resume an activity. Thus, if you choose to work again with your former employer, you will have to wait six months after your cessation of activity and your retirement. The sum of your gross monthly salary and the gross amounts of your pensions, whether basic or supplementary, must at the same time not exceed 160% of the minimum wage, i.e. 2,734.85 euros.

Currently, nearly 500,000 people have chosen to combine employment and retirement and the system is gaining more beneficiaries each year. While a large number of retirees deplored the calculation of this combination of employment and retirement, the pension reform will redistribute the cards and modify the system. Thus, the salary received today does not make it possible to increase the definitive pension, paid at the end of the combination.

To counter this process sometimes considered an injustice, the pension reform proposes, from September 1, to create new rights for the pension and to increase its amount within the framework of an accumulation of employment and retirement. Your pension should therefore increase from the next school year thanks to the pension reform.

During a webinar organized by Capital, a reader wondered about the possibility of retroactive measurement. For the time being, the director of the specialized firm Sapiendo Retirement estimated that this possibility remained to be discussed since, until now, “there has never been retroactivity in a similar scenario”.

The expert also spoke about the increase in pension, which could result from the acquisition of these new rights. She confirmed that the pension would be increased, without reaching “thousands and hundreds”. On the complementary side, Agirc-Arrco has not, for the moment, communicated on the opening of additional rights.