According to Twitter vs. Trump – Zuckerberg’s dealings with controversial Posts checks Due to the ongoing debate on dealing with controversial Statements by US President Donald Trump has challenged Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg improvements in view. 2 Kommentare2″I think we need to tread very carefully here”: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Keystone/AP/Mark Lennihan

Facebook will check its dealings with government threats of violence and with publications that might affect the turnout, said CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Friday evening (local time). It will also be checked, to delete in addition to the previous approach, a Post office either in or allow you to find Alternatives.

To the Facebook employees, he wrote: “I know many of you are thinking, we should have marked the Posts of the President in the past week in any way with information.” Zuckerberg warned, however, such a path could bring Facebook to against Posts which do not liked the organization simply in terms of content, but not clearly against the rules of the platform verse Tiessen. “I think we need to tread very carefully here,” he wrote.

The 36-year-old founder of the company, had come because of his stance on the issue recently come under strong pressure, among other things, in a video conference with employees. It was a Tweet from Trump, which was also mirrored on the Facebook profile. The U.S. President responded to the first riot in Minneapolis after the death of the African-American George Floyd by police violence. His Tweet was shot many understood as a call to the police, hard against the predominantly black protestors (“If the looting begin, will be”).

Twitter-sided Trumps Tweet with a warning, because it violates the prohibition of glorification of violence on the platform. Zuckerberg had declared last week that the contribution was rules with Facebook’s compatible, even if it is the case of him personally, miss. Zuckerberg holds in Facebook shares with more voting rights, which ensures ultimate control in the Online network. His declared Position is that a platform like Facebook should not decide what is wrong and what is right. Therefore, Statements by politicians are at Facebook, in principle, of the facts of the checks except.

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