“According to this new valuation of the situation, it can not be explained to go to the art of”Benjamin von Blomberg, Co-artistic Director of the Schauspielhaus, why the house completely is closed.Alexandra KedvesDie two Schauspielhaus-Director Nicolas Stemann (left) and Benjamin von Blomberg of the idea of operating up to at least 30. April. Photo: Keystone

All the doors to go. In schools, cultural institutions, everywhere, where more than 100 people would come. With A Few Exceptions. March to June is for the Theater a crucial Phase, as well as the Chairman of the Board of the Schauspielhaus Zürich, Markus Bachofen, in an interview stressed. Nevertheless, it is now common, and also in exchange with other cultural institutions come to the decision that the Moment for the Corona-forced break. Co-Director Benjamin von Blomberg took place after the internal meeting time for a conversation.

Benjamin von Blomberg : It is dramatic and amazing, and we all feel: Now, after this new valuation of the Situation, it can’t go straight at all the art. Supposedly a gate is left open, with 100 people. So you could put on the floor of the peacocks 82 people with 2 meters distance. As a man of the theatre I see beautiful images in front of me. But we have exchanged long, also with the Board of Directors, and All are now affected drastically, it is time for a clear announcement from us. Up to at least 30. April, there are no ideas in us.

And what about Alternatives on the net? In Switzerland, there is a first streaming platform called www.spectyou.com.

Whether and how we manage it is possible to provide the Broadcast of recordings of old ideas or the Transmission of ideas in front of empty stands would be looked at starting next week in a second Phase. Also, whether and in what Form the Trial run goes on, you can go further, without endangering the employees. Without touching the Theater is not possible – be it on stage or, for example, in the mask. Now we have taken each of the signs of the disease seriously. But at this time we do not yet know fully what the decision and the appeal of the Federal Council for the operation and each Department. We don’t want to leave the company in this drastic moment alone.

Is short-time work in the room?

This is one of the possible scenarios. Anyway, I would like to emphasise in this connection: We are privileged by the subsidies is enormous. But we are extremely grateful and glad that the Federal government has put together a billion package: Especially for freelance artists, which are dependent on guest appearances, is the existential.

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