The flight operations at London’s Gatwick airport is a Drone again been opened. The Airport announced on Twitter. Travellers are nonetheless advised to check before your arrival to the airport with their Airline for the Status of your flight.

Earlier, there will have to be a further closure, because, apparently, again unmanned flying objects have been spotted in the vicinity. An airport spokeswoman announced on Friday evening that, as a precautionary measure, flights, first to be exposed to. Aircraft around and circled in the area and waited for permission to land, if necessary, they would have had to at other Airports in the vicinity of Dodge.

First in the Morning had to start after about 36 hours of downtime, the planes in Gatwick and landing. Previously, around 40 Times drones over the airport had been spotted, most recently on late Thursday evening.

a Total of around 150,000 passengers were affected by flight cancellations and diversions since Wednesday evening. Now, once again, tens of thousands. On Thursday, the second-largest Airport in the UK, apart from a brief interruption completely shut down. The police believe was a targeted interference action and has already persons in the visor to be interviewed about the incidents. Whether it is Suspicious or possible witnesses, was initially unclear. At least you could rule out that it is a terrorist Background. Also Gatwick CEO Stewart Wingate was targeted as a planned activity, to the airport just in the traffic run-up to Christmas rich cripple.

police and military forces had installed technology at the airport, with the help of the security should be guaranteed, and the drones can be shot. The shooting down of the drones, but was only considered as a “tactical Option” in recital. The danger from misdirected projectiles was too great, said transport Minister Chris Grayling. “You can’t just fire random weapons in a built up area of the airport. This would have consequences if it went wrong,“ he said. The alleged should review Drones from Friday prove true, it would increase the pressure on the investigators to the perpetrators. Many travelers spent the waiting time on the ground asleep. Transport Minister Grayling’s decision to relax bans on Night flights at other airports to cope with the volume of traffic through there, re-routed the plane.