The Greek Parliament has approved the budget for the coming year, the first Budget after Leaving the Euro rescue package. In the case of the vote on Tuesday night, 154 of the 300 members of Parliament voted in Athens for the budget in 2019. For the coming year, the government expects an economic growth of 2.5 per cent and promises of 900 million Euro for special services, such as family allowances, housing allowances as well as reductions of taxes and social contributions.

head of government Alexis Tsipras said, after eight years of harsh austerity policy the country could now for the first time, again a “own household”. Greece had to leave in August, the European stability mechanism (ESM). The Mediterranean country will remain for many years under strict observation.

in Total, Greece received to avert a state of bankruptcy since 2010, nearly 289 billion euros. With the Leave of the Euro rescue package must Athens now from the financial markets Finance.