According to security circles: Failed deportation costs the taxpayer 25,000 euros


    An expensive decision: The Afghan authorities have decided to send a deported criminal offenders from the state of Hesse returned to Germany, immediately after his landing in Kabul. As the news magazine “Spiegel” reported, have tasted the accompaniment of the multi-hit offender on Tuesday, the German taxpayer around € 25,000. On Wednesday it became known that the deportation of the 23-year-old man had failed.

    The “mirror” according to an accompanying police officers flew with the man first, from Kabul to Tbilisi in Georgia. There you would want to stay, also to the prescribed rest periods to be observed. At the airport in Tbilisi, you have to want the man but not out. Therefore, had to remain according to “mirror” a number of officials and a doctor with him on Board – until the Arrival of a short-term chartered business jets from Germany. The plane brought the Afghans, therefore, immediately after Munich. According to information from security circles would have cost about 25,000 euros, reported the “mirror”.

    doubt as to the nationality

    The authorities had registered in spite of valid identity documents is doubt as to the nationality, said a spokesman for the Federal interior Ministry in Berlin on Thursday. Therefore, the man had been sent back by plane back to Germany. The 23-year-old man had, according to “mirror” an expired Afghan passport. The Afghan representative in Germany had issued to him, therefore, a substitute passport paper. The German authorities could not explain the rejection of for the time being, said the news magazine.

    Already on Thursday, the Afghan refugee Ministry had cited medical reasons as the reason for the failed deportation. The 23-year-old man suffering from a mental illness and had been brought back in accordance with a corresponding agreement between the two countries, said a spokesman of the Ministry.