The Board of Directors of the southwest-AfD wants to exclude the members of Parliament Stefan Räpple from the party. A party exclusion proceedings should be conducted because of violations of the principles of the party and the repeated party harmful behavior in the way, said a spokesman for the national Association on Wednesday.

Räpple has previously triggered his behavior a commotion in the Parliament. Because he didn’t want to leave the room, despite the request of the land Bureau, the sitting was suspended on Wednesday. Räpple had to be from the police out of the hall accompanied. Also, the non-attached members Wolfgang Gedeon was referred to a number of intermediate call with the help of the police of the hall. Both of them are now excluded by the Bureau for several sessions.

the occasion was one of the AfD debate on abortion, and the supposed “left ideological influences” in kindergartens. Räpple received by state President Muhterem Aras (Green) already at the beginning of the debate a call to order. He had insulted the SPD with “So are you, the red terrorists!”. FDP parliamentary leader Hans-Ulrich Rülke then said at the end of his Speech, the “intellectual forerunner of people like Mr Räpple” marching “goose-stepping through the Brandenburg gate”. Räpple consisted of screaming on a call to order of the Aras against Rülke. Do not followed the said Räpple, but the possibility of a personal statement and called him to rest.