His grandma thought for a long time that he making small insect characters, in a window or on the fireplace mantel. But Henrik Roth produced with its three founder colleagues from wooden accessories: brooches, purses, earrings, and fly. So what for the neck.

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five years Ago, four students founded Bewooden. Henrik Roth had contributed to a Start-up event in Switzerland, Patrick Babinec met, the fly is a self-made Wood around the neck, from the carpentry of a school friend. Henrik Roth knew: This is a good idea. Not a big market with billions of potential, but is a pretty niche.

He put his small Agency to a standstill, with whom he had previously coached mainly service providers. With two friends from the Czech Republic, the two moved to the small businesses. It grew rapidly and in this year, more than a Million euros in sales. Henrik Roth estimates that they have sold in the past few years, about 25,000 to fly. They employ 25 people, for example, in Frankfurt, Prague and Ostrava. Also his grandma now knows what sells her grandson from the Tech district, close to the Frankfurt trade fair.

Henrik Roth is wearing an elegant dark brown bow tie with blue fabric band, while he tells the story. It is made of wood from near the carpenter’s workshop in Ostrava, in the East of Prague. Initially, the flies were still out of waste wood from furniture production. In the meantime, Bewooden produced so many do not fly any more, the leftovers are sufficient. A portion of the profit, the company invested in reforestation programs; in addition, it supports with special collections for individual projects, such as education for disadvantaged children in Africa with a Fly from an excess of mahogany wood.

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in Style with a bow tie

As the Roth stand in front of a couple of years ago on a small design market, and fly to the man wanted, he was disappointed. Four pieces he sold. The least could do something with the accessory, because the wood flies were unknown. “The Germans are always a bit cautious with new Trends.” He smiles. Today, markets like this are a main hub for its wood-mode, besides the Internet of course.