In one year, about half the people found to be improperly using a parking permit for people with disabilities. Thanks to the creation of an app, and there’s a lot more to be checked, and that it has a deterrent effect and, as of writing, The Latest News in The Morning on Wednesday.

as For tampering with an invalid number of passes for the disabled, it was in november of last year, an app will be rolled out after successful pilot projects in Antwerp, Namur and sint-jans-molenbeek. Since may, law enforcement officers, attendants, and gemeenschapswachten to quickly check if a card is valid.

The app appears to be an effective way to parkeerfraude to fight against it. Up until september of 2018, there were 5.167 controls, which in the 13,55% of the cases, tampering has been determined. Up to september of 2019 at the latest, there were 14.820 controls, with only a 7,36 per cent of frauds.

“The number of invalid cards is decreasing, while the number of inspections performed in one year’s time it tripled, it is,” concludes the minister, Nathalie Muylle CD&V), which the federal government has recently qualified for the policy for persons with disabilities.