due to the promotion of abortion condemned Giessen Doctor Kristina Hänel has “horrified” about the compromise proposal of the Federal government, to Supplement the legal situation. “Upon closer Inspection, the as a compromise, issued a proposal proves to be a Zero-number,” – said in a statement sent Hänel, together with two in Kassel, accused Doctors on Wednesday night. The controversial Clause 219a stay, including the penalty of two years in prison. The remaining proposals were accompanying measures, which are already possible today.

declared The three Doctors, they were indignant, “that from the political calculus of Power” betrayed woman rights and Medicine would be criminalized. “Information rights humanity rights. This is also true for women,“ reads the statement.

sentenced To a monetary penalty

Hänel has been condemned by the regional court of Gießen to pay a fine, because they had offered on their website, and abortion as performance. The Doctor has lodged an appeal. The Kassel-based Doctors will have to answer at the end of January before the courts again.

The Federal government wants to maintain the controversial ban on advertising, but to Supplement it. Among other things, should be legally formulated, and how Physicians and hospitals can be informed about the fact that they perform abortions, declared by the competent Minister on Wednesday evening in Berlin. “Advertising for a termination of pregnancy may not, however, in the future,” said Chancellery chief Helge Braun (CDU). Union and the SPD have been squabbling for months over a new regulation.