Abbas: to Terminate agreements with Israel and the United States


Response to annexation plans – Abbas: Cancel agreements with Israel and the United States aufPalästinenserpräsident Mahmoud Abbas has apparently made good on his threat, which he had expressed on several occasions. He is responding to the annexation plans of Israel in the West Bank.9 Kommentare9Palästinenserpräsident Mahmoud Abbas makes good on his threat and announced the end of all agreements with Israel and the United States. (Archive photo)photo: Alaa Badarneh/Keystone

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has declared on Tuesday an end to all agreements with Israel and the United States. Abbas was responding to the annexation of Israeli plans in the occupied West Bank.

At a Meeting of the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, Abbas said according to the news Agency, Wafa, this is the end of all agreements collateral agreements to a close. Abbas had expressed in the past, similar threats, but so far never implemented.

Israel must now assume the responsibility for the occupied territories, said the Palestinian President, according to the. You will make the USA as a Partner of an occupying power, “for the oppression of the Palestinian people”.

Israel’s new government wants to Annex in Accordance with the middle East Plan of the US President, Donald Trump, the settlements and the Jordan valley in the West Bank. The plans are internationally highly controversial. Trump had presented the Plan in January in Washington in Netanyahu’s presence.


The main points of the Plan: The Palestinians a separate state in view, however, under tough conditions. Jerusalem should therefore remain the undivided capital of Israel. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rejected the Plan immediately. The Palestinian boycott, the US government already, since Trump end of 2017, the Jerusalem one-sided as Israel’s capital is recognized.

Trumps Plan provides for around 70 percent of the area of the West Bank for the Palestinians. The Israeli settlements with hundreds of thousands of Israelis to stay. In addition, the Palestinians would receive, at least initially, no security control over its own borders. Israel conquered during the six day war in 1967, including the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Palestinians demanded the territories for their own state, with East Jerusalem as its capital.


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