The disused derby between first division soccer team KRC Genk and STVV teems with still solid for both teams. While the complaints board agreed STVV today in a 5-0 forfaitscore in favour of the Canaries. Won the national championship first division soccer team KRC Genk to claim a reduced and wants to be in the match and let it replay. The matter will be further considered on Thursday, november 7th.

with A quick look back. On the 28th of september, the Limburg derby between STVV and a first division soccer team KRC Genk, in the final stage, suspended in a 3-3 position due to misconduct on the part of both the supporterclans. After the STVV fans of all sorts of objects were thrown on to Genk in his Coucke, the players will be on the hour, a quarter of an hour to go inside. This is the current situation at the time was 0-3. After the restart of the race, found to STVV pauses for a moment, and then came back to 3-3. Then went to the Genk supporters out of their book and did the referee Lawrence, a Fisherman in the game early off.

to STVV: “be responsible for your own actions and in truth”:

the Dispute was signed at STVV present, with the chairman, and David Meekers, CEO Takayuki Tateishi, and advocates chosen to represent The Sceneries and music Maeschalck. That last one came on to speak to the Canaries and to defend it. “There is a tension between what a club can do, and what the club will be charged. We can only be responsible and reckoned for it’s own fan base, not to those of Belgium. There are, indeed, a lighter, and the cups are thrown out by STVV supporters. I could not have done it. The stadionomroeper (phase 1) began to work, and the match was temporarily stopped (step 2). I want to challenge everyone, from the incident to find out who is at fault and can be of STVV”, said the master Maeschalck.

Photos: BELGA

In step 3, in which the match was suspended after a Genk fan on the field, it was a hit and the glass cage had been damaged, but STVV is the responsibility. “There it is, the final cessation of management. STVV can not be held liable for be held liable. The plan was to restart the process from phase 1 to start their Career. This is the only way in which the rules can be interpreted.”

according to STVV for the final strike on the account for think it comes, made the case Maeschalck to ensure that the forfaitscore (5-0, for the benefit of the Truienaars), it was said. “We have to take responsibility for phases 1 and 2 but not for phase 3.”

the first division soccer team KRC Genk: “security manager of the STVV is not consultation”

the first division soccer team KRC Genk in the air’s CEO, Erik Gerits, general secretary, Dirk Wiest, and legal counsel to the Group in Developing to the federal building in order to defend himself against the charge, after the province Limburg stadium. In contrast to the STVV was the champion, not the facts, but did not a master in Developing an argument in the process of shutting down.

According to the bondsprocureur Her share of the Limburg rivals are the responsibility of STVV has to phases 1 and 2, a first division soccer team KRC Genk-for-phase-3. The last stage of you supporters of the plexiglass cage around the bezoekersvak had been damaged. One of Genk fan ran even with the field of Stayen on, but by first division soccer team KRC Genk, was that the third phase never took place. A lawyer She was referring to the bondsartikel P813, which is the third phase, which stipulates that “the arbitrator may make contact with the security manager of the tour operator and the police”.


And that, according to KRC Genk hasn’t happened. “All of the disciplinary action, hang on tight to that bondsartikel P813, so that the intermediate sanctions are not imposed, and can be,” said master-She, who claimed that there was only one solution left. “According to the FIFA rules of the match, just herspeeld to be.” The point is to think, to control, decided to take up the Dispute in Appeal is that of a school police officer and the security manager of the STVV called as a witness. It is expected to be made on november 7, the commission’s rules.

Her: “acts of Misconduct in the STVV-Genk is bad”:

the bondsprocureur William Wagner was one of the party’s arbitration committee in an Appeal. A match behind closed doors, the lost points from any two points, a fine of up to 5,000 euros, and for a couple people. That is, the intermediate sanctions are the Bondsparket on Friday defended “the Supporters need to understand that you are not using objects to throw. Otherwise, they were going hamerslingeren. Penalties need to be felt in that area late in the bondsreglement’t drop the ball,” said Wagner, a touch to the disciplinary procedure around the Operation is Zero.

“The situation is spiraling out of control, and the safety and security of the players is at stake. That is the crux of the matter. That is, they denounce the fact that a glass fence around the Genk supporters in a provocative work, it is merely a side issue and not relevant. There is clearly a shared responsibility, and progress I have with the penalties as provided for in the bondsreglement,” said the bondsprocureur.

Bondsprocureur Wagner (file) is best known for his resolute approach. (Photo: Photo in the News < / P> KRC-Genk took the game herspeeld it would be, but with the public. “That’s not a penalty, but a reward. The clubs have also a commercial interest, because they know that it will be able to have that feel. Let us be serious to continue. Such misconduct is detrimental to the game of football. Finally, are there any efforts have been made, and it’s high time. Supporters need to understand is that you don’t end up with items you can throw at them. Then, you’ll just have to go hamerslingeren. It’s annoying, dangerous and disrespectful,” said Wagner.

the STVV is also a single element is at fault for that, not Genk) is true. So, according to the wedstrijdrapporten ‘Coucke her singing in the minute 51. “It is insulting and paints homosexuality in a negative. So, a homophobic spreekkoor more time, shut Her down.

the Fisherman: “which Were safety guarantee

Also, arbitrator Lawrence, a Fisherman may have a lot of opinions come up during the meeting of the conciliation board, “The safety and security of the players could not be able to be” witnessed by the ref.

But, according to the KRC Genk, belgium, which is referred to bondsartikel P813) of the regulation, it had to be Visser’s first contact with the police, and the security manager of STVV. “I’m not done,” confirmed Fisher. “Well, it’s not our job. We don’t have the time to get to the command post to go to at this moment in time. For this reason, we will be in contact with the match delegate.”
Ref: Lawrence, Fisherman, couldn’t be more assured. Photo: JEFFREY GAENS

the match delegate Jean-François Crucke, he gave a Fisherman a signal that the game is best to shut down as it could be. “I talked to the school police officer, who is on the field, there was. He told me that the situation is so serious that the police in the field was not going to leave. For more information, and I don’t need to be a signal to the Fisherman to be given,” said Crucke. “With the security manager of STVV, I’ve had no verbal contact, but he didn’t know the conversation that I have with the commander carried out are. The man has got to be done.”

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