In all the supermarkets offer, AB InBev, and now even cans of beer 35.5 cl), optionally, in addition to the normal 33 cl. This confirms that the Belgian beer company. Or larger cans, a keeper to be dependent on a review. VAD, the Flemish centre of expertise for alcoholverslavingen, is a focus for the brewer. “AB InBev has no more to say to you that it is to prevent it.”

It’s going to be a limited time promotion, according to the brewer, to which the consumers of 2,5 cl for free. The cans will be available in a number of leading supermarket chains.

Additional option:

According to an AB InBev spokesman said She Stuyck with the can, 35.5 cl) is an option offered to you. “It’s going to be in a format that is in the foreign country is known, it is,” says Stuyck. Looks Pro, are now available in formats of 25 cl, 33 cl 35,5 cl and 50 cl. In the Albert Heijn supermarkets in Belgium, even the cans of 44 cl is also available.

AB InBev stresses that it is the cans of 33 cl, the market will continue. Or the cans 35.5 cl, in the future, in a permanent format, and whether or not the additional 2.5 cl and then pay it is, it is still not clear. “In the future will depend on a number of factors, we can’t move forward,” says the spokeswoman.

the Glass

In all of the bars, AB InBev, a glass of Jupiler, launched on 30 centilitre. Initially, it was a promotion that was launched at the beginning of the summer. The end of the summer, the company announced that it was beer 30 cl is maintained, but without the special price.

However, according to the president can be both a promo-action will not be compared to each other. “The action in the bars was never done. However, in the supermarket, such actions are not uncommon and that the impact is less pronounced. More products to create, it is common practice in the retail industry. We will be introducing new flavors, segments, packages, and sizes. This will keep the consumer satisfied.”

Strong criticism

VAD-director Marijs Geirnaert, regrets that the campaign of the company. “I don’t understand that it is a brewer’s beer to sell, but in this case, AB InBev, damn it to hell, not saying that they are in the prevention to do,” she said in response.

the message is that people per week and no more than ten glass of beer of 25 cl can of drink, it is in this way undermined. “Now, with the eyes of 35,5 cl). That is not to be understood. People get caught up in the confusion. So what is the answer of the industry to the industry standard of ten drinks per week? An increase in volumes. That makes for lack of clarity.”

According to the centre of excellence for the promotion of the Euro as “just another initiative designed to increase or decrease the volume to increase and people have more to drink”.