Aachen contract: Is the Alsace soon?


With the statement, in Alsace and in Lorraine, the Germans would soon be back in charge, is currently being made in France to agitate against the new German-French friendship Treaty. Prior to the signing of the Treaty on Tuesday by President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Aachen, in particular the “yellow West”movement via Facebook conspiracy theories continue to spread and Fears of a “sell-out” of France by President Macron stoked.

Michaela Wiegel

Political correspondent, based in Paris.

F. A. Z.

The President of the “Rassemblement National” (RN), Marine Le Pen, has reiterated in a television interview on BFM-TV that the Aachen-based agreement “a betrayal” of France. “Macron is selling our country piece by piece and let our sovereignty crumble,” lamented Le Pen. They compared the supposedly secret actions at Aachen’s contract with the signing of the UN migration Pact. “Three days before the Aachen-based contract is signed, we learn of it, so nobody can protest.” The Treaty was very severe, and will “the Power of our country is undermined,” said Le Pen.

it also asserted that with the Treaty, the special will destroyed the position of France, the Charles de Gaulle after the Second world war for the country had achieved. Macron is considering, to share the permanent seat of France in the UN security Council with Germany, it has been claimed by the right-wing populist politician, although this is not reflected in the text of the contract.