After two serious accidents in front of a newly installed Truck scale on the A44 in North Hesse, Hesse responds mobile. Due to the high number of Failure of the driving ban for heavy goods traffic in the right-hand strip are routed directly to the A49, said a spokesman for the road administration on Tuesday. This truck will virtually automatically before the point of Danger on the detour directed. Previously, the Trucks were driven on the A44 near Kassel in spite of a ban on driving and two had caused serious accidents. The highway remained on Tuesday in the direction of the East blocked and should only be in the evening released.

the trigger was an accident on Monday evening. A 52-year-old man was killed in an accident with his tractor. According to police, he overlooked several times, the prohibition signs, between the motorway junction Kassel-West, and the motorway interchange Kassel-Süd. The roadways in the area of the balance by the concrete walls are separated from each other, he had noticed to late, and ran on. The 52-year-old man remained unharmed. It is 55,000 euros damage. On Saturday evening, a load was already in the car driven on to the concrete elements.

to prevent a third accident there, changed Hesse mobile traffic management. The first, made with Warnbaken. “In the next few days these will be replaced by concrete barrier walls,” said the Hessen Mobil-speaker. Further improvements to be tested.

Dangerous situations in the area of the scale

confirmed to The police that in the area of the scale to dangerous situations. This was not unusual, but often the case when road users spent in traffic jams or backward would continue, said a spokesman for the police Presidium of Kassel: “is it at this point.” Infringements were punished. On the question of traffic management, the police expressed: in Charge of Hesse mobile, you have only a consultative function.