The family of Richardson, in the U.s. state of Florida and has been in mourning. After that, their dog Zeus, and the children had to be protected from an attacking snake, he is now with his injuries, died.

at the End of september, was the youngest son of Oriley (10) playing in the garden, when he pointed out that in the nine-month-old puppy in a very, very strange was doing. He thought she was in a band in attacking, but in fact it is a poisonous coral. The puppy I have is that the snake is a danger it could mean for the children, and started for the beast to attack.

Photo: Alex Richardson

As the son of Orion (11), it was the bowl of water for the dog to supplement it, and went to Zeus, with his full body weight on the hose to the beast in order to keep up. Zeus has succeeded in its aim, the snake died. But it is not for the animal, and Zeus are also at least four times, and had been bitten.

As the dog is inside, what ill-looking, and got the children to him. Then and only then, it was clear that he had done for them.

The family brought in Zeus to quickly get to a veterinary hospital where he was antidote, but to no avail. The day after it died, Zeus to his friends.

The family has let us know that the pit bull will be eternally grateful and will be. “I have no doubt that Zeus is one of our children had to be able to lose”, what it sounds like.
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