A restaurantbezoekje in Byron Bay and played for the Australian Jaicey Revelle out to be a nightmare. After that, they twice had bitten into a starter, I’d prompt an allergic reaction that almost killed. When she was a few days later, it went back to the restaurant to seek redress, they were “unfriendly” is treated. “There was a total absence of compassion, or a sense of responsibility,” she said.

The young woman and her boyfriend are going to eat in the restaurant. As for the 22-year-old is very allergic to nuts, and she makes it a habit of going to the front desk in advance to ask whether or not there are nuts in some dishes, sit down. Once or twice, it was that they served, so rest assured it is in the dip, no notes had been processed, but it turned out to be completely wrong.

It had been a major threat to Revelle and her mouth and throat began to swell up, causing them to run out of breath, and right away it had to be carried to the hospital. A different member remarked afterwards, to clarify: the dipping sauce was indeed a cashew nut processing.


The Australian was however, the medication is still on top of it. A day later, she was allowed to even leave the hospital. Last week, she decided to take the restaurant to see the story pick up with the hotel staff, but instead, it was a opdoffer process. She was the only one, “I’m sorry,” and it was a nice offer.

“I felt insulted,” said Revelle in the local media. “That’s what they thought my life was equal to the value of a drink. No matter how hard I tried to make the seriousness of the situation, to make it clear, they were unfriendly response. Ever since my first allergic reaction at the age of five, I have never had such a negative experience is had by all.”

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