A young driver to spin out and overkop on the E40 motorway in the Sea


Newport –

In case of an accident on the motorway E40 in Ramskapelle, near Newport, on Sunday morning, a car on its roof, up to no good. The driver fell only slightly wounded, and his car was quickly hoisted.

The accident was Sunday morning at about 7 am on the E40 motorway, between Nieuport and Ypres, at the height of the surrounds the natural way: a car with a young driver started to skid, went off the road and went down on it’s head. The car ended up on its roof in the median. The driver was taking the vehicle to leave and call emergency services.

as Well as the police, when an ambulance arrived at the scene. The driver with minor injuries, were transferred to the AZ-West-in-Furnes. The fire department was also on site to provide the necessary signage to the place. Given the early hour, resulted in no traffic on it. The carriage was quickly hoisted in.