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The journalist, writer and tertuliana Pilar Rahola has released his new novel “The spy of the Ritz” (ed. Column) a work that is about the musician for orchestra Bernard Hilda , of jewish origin, a man who existed, he played in Barcelona on several occasions and was a spy against the nazis, although he never wanted to be recognized for that.

Rahola knew of him thanks to an article in the magazine “Sapiens” and from that text was fascinated by the character and began to weave this tale, in which a evaded as Hilda, born Levitsky in Paris in 1914, playing at the Ritz hotel in front of high capitostes nazis and nationalists, who do not know their roots and I applaud you.

however, the writer Josep Maria Loperena wrote a post in march on his blog called: “how I plagiarized, Rahola?”, where it explains that you just publish also he and before a novel, “The spy of the violin”, whose protagonist, which is based on real facts, has parallels with the character of Rahola. “As he said that he was a spy, a fact uncertain because it was the result of my invention, I suspected”.

“it Could be a coincidence but Bernard Hilda was never a spy, or MI6 or anyone else. Just this is a fabrication of mine that, when I published ten years ago, had a certain impact in the media , ” says this writer who points out that since 2008 is registered in the Registry of intellectual Property of your novel that, finally, has published at the time of Rahola.

For its part, Rahola, considered an “authentic nonsense” the accusation of plagiarism made against her, according to “La Vanguardia”, as the writer has has been documented about the character and the movements of resistance to write his novel, and, above all, is not understood as a familiar aspect of Hilda wants to attribute it to Loperena (in fact, his character is working with the consulate of the France of De Gaulle, “not with the M16,” he says on this medium the novelist).