A woman of extremes – From a walk in outer space to the deepest point in the ocean, Kathy Sullivan, the first American to be graduated from a Spacewalk was. Now it is – with the adventurer Victor Vescovo, even to the deepest point of the ocean, the Swiss Jacques Piccard penetrated as 80 years previously.0 comment flew on three Space Shuttle missions and has been included in 2004 in the “Astronaut Hall of Fame”: Kathy Sullivan. Photo: Nasa

36 years after you had made as the first American space walk (Spacewalk), the former Nasa astronaut and geologist Kathy Sullivan, the first woman to the lowest point on earth, Challenger deep (Challenger Deep).

the 68-Year-old is now the eighth Person in history – among them the Swiss Jacques Piccard (1960), and Director James Cameron (2012), which reached the bottom of Challenger Deep.

Accompanied Sullivan from the Investor, and US adventurers Victor Vescovo, had drawn up about a year ago in the Mariana trench, a new deep-diving record. Already in 2019 used Vescovo for the dive the dive boat DSV Limiting Factor (LF), thus the vehicle is the first vehicle in the history of the rule is repeated for the deepest point of the ocean – where immense pressure, extreme darkness and icy temperatures – have penetrated.

connection to the ISS

After Sullivan and her Pilot Vescovo were returned to the nearly four-hour dive to your base station, on the phone with colleagues in the International space station (ISS), which is located at an altitude of about 400 kilometers. The former astronaut had a meeting with the two astronauts who flew a few days ago for the first time a Spacex rocket to the space station.

“For me as an oceanographer and an astronaut, that was certainly a unique experience in life that I had seen the lunar landscape of the Challenger Deep, and then with my colleagues on the ISS was able to speak”, will Sullivan, quoted in a report of the company Eyos Expeditions; the company financed the expedition dive boat.

“today We have written a bit more story, and then the experience with kindred spirits in the ISS divided,” added Victor Vescovo.

For the latest dive action, the Crew and the boat, with special cameras has been equipped; at a later stage, then for the first time, recording in 4K will be released from the bottom of the low, among other things, also on the Blog of the Ex-astronaut Sullivan.

Three Space Shuttle flights

About Sullivan’s reading that she is fascinated since her Geology degree from the ocean: prior to your career as an astronaut, she participated in a deep-sea expedition.

in Total, they completed three space Shuttle flights. A Mission was tasked with the suspension of the Hubble space telescope in space. Their space walk they had been on 11. October, 1984 made. After 15 years at the space Agency, Sullivan left Nasa and worked at the national oceanic and atmospheric administration NOAA.

But Sullivan’s dive pilot is a man of extremes – and, therefore, multiple record holder: Victor Vescovo reached on his 2018 launched Five-Deeps-Expedition to the deepest points of five oceans. In addition, he completed the so-called Explorers Grand Slam, which provides for the ascent of the highest mountain on each of the seven continents and Reaching the North and South pole under their own power.


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