“come, all ye little children.” Whenever Helmut Sedlaczek has the Christmas Evergreen is part of, he had to smile. Because children he has brought together. Counted, he has not the birth, but for 20,000 it will be as estimated by the gynecologist, so far, have been.

“I knew I wanted to be a doctor.” Very quiet Sedlaczek says this sentence and leans back in the easy-to-worn-out office chair. “Yes, I wanted to.” The way, however, the curve for the Offenbacher, because he saw for the first Time, a lecture room from the inside, he completed a training and expressed with 23 years again to school in the eleventh grade. “It was a tough time,” he says, and looks over the edge of his glasses. In the meantime, he is 72 years old and still plays regularly with the head of the ultrasound device in the Hand, in order to examine Pregnant women. Sedlaczek has been working for five and a half years in part-time as a senior physician at the Hanau hospital. Prior to that, he had made a private lecturer Thomas Müller, the head physician of the gynaecological clinic, at a Congress, and convinced him, for a prenatal consultation.

“My dad was seriously ill”

“I’ve made it all the way in the medicine, I have to thank Gerhard Bautz.” Sedlaczek remembers the social vein of the rector of the Offenbacher Theodor-Heuss-Schule. 23 years Sedlaczek was old, when he visited after the early death of his father, and five years school break every day the lessons. The jump in the upper level, he had missed years before. “My dad was seriously ill.” Had he worked in the chemical plant of Hoechst AG. When the father saw his early end, he urged the son to the graduation and to start an apprenticeship. “I should support my mother. She was a cleaning lady and didn’t deserve much.“

Sedlaczek followed the desire of the father. “I had to, Yes.” At Neckermann in Frankfurt, he began an apprenticeship as an advertising merchant and supplemented the training with evening courses in the school of Advertising in Frankfurt. However, the catalogue of beauties, he soon returned to the back, because after the training the Fatherland: The boy called Offenbacher had been found to be fit and committed. After basic training and 18 months of compulsory military service in an airborne division, an officer’s career. “If I had to to the army, then it should be worth it.” In the rank of Cadet finally he quit in December 1967 and returned to Offenbach. Almost two years later, his father died.

The dream to become a doctor

His mother, Elizabeth, felt, however, that her son dreamed, to become a doctor. You supported him to go back to school and the baccalaureate address. At the Theodor-Heuss-school the door was for the twenty-three year old open. Only condition: He had to pass an entrance examination, which he passed. Sedlaczek put then, with the score of 1.3 is one of the best final exams of the year. A performance, which he attributed to his iron will, finally, he sat on many days very tired in school.

“I had to, Yes, get up early, because I have to drive Newspapers.” For a press-wholesalers, he supplied, in the early hours of the morning, the water house in Offenbach and the municipalities in the County. His performance in school, the night-time tours did not crash; not even the other fields of activity: Sedlaczek counted in 1972, the founders of the Folk-Rock Band “Merlins Fantasy Farm”. “For me, the music was a home. And I was able to let off steam.“ Still a good side was the music: “I earned a bit of money and could support my mother.” Sometimes the Band left gully, the Frankfurt music locally as an ancestral place, went once with Udo Lindenberg on Tour. For a time, he is well remembered as the mischievous Grin and sparkling brown eyes betrayed. “Yes, Udo was almost never sober. But the Show was really good.“