And she, at her box of sex toys and wanted to pay attention to. That’s what a Hispanic woman, a friend to the police for a search warrant to be executed in her home. When the thing is a few days later – literally – it began to look, and opened her box yet. And it ended with the owner behind bars. Write the Spanish media.

Her friend had gone back. That was the official statement from the 61-year-old Carmen M., Castro Urdiales, in the north of Spain, when the police informed her at the man who, since the beginning of February is not seen anymore. The woman was not born yesterday, and knew well enough that there was a search warrant, it would follow that, so she asked a friend to make a temporary box for her safekeeping. A box full of sex toys, she said, and it would be embarrassing if the police would find it.

But then, when the box really started to stink, it was decided that name would have to look at. And what they saw was really a bit scary: a chopped off human head. The woman had a panic attack and called the police, Carmen M., and immediately picked up. It is not yet clear whether the head is in the box that it’s ‘gone’ part, but point of everything, for the time being on it.

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