Monday’s gain in the majority of areas, a wide opklaringen with, initially, some smoke and a few of the local mistbanken. In the course of the day, there are more clouds and, sometimes, even opklaringen. A local rain shower in the afternoon, it is not ruled out in the north sea. The limits vary between 7 or 8%, in the b & b is 12 or 13 degrees in the region.

The forecast for Monday. Photo: RMI

Monday evening, and at the beginning of the night and expect to the RMI quite a lot of high clouds, but mostly dry weather. At the end of the night, and the light – halfbewolkt. The thresholds are between 0 and 5 ° c inland, and around 7 degrees celsius in the sea. At the end of the night, in some places, the chance of formation of a mist or fog.

when you go to the local ochtendgrijs continues to Tuesday is a dry, wide-opklaringen, and a few clouds. In the coastal region, there may possibly be a little rain will fall. We take a maximum of 6 ° in the b & b is up to 11 degrees in the west.

Wednesday is a morning, especially south of the river Sambre and the Meuse, light, freezing temperatures. During the day it will be dry, and often sunny, with a high of 5 degrees celsius in the belgian Ardennes and up to 10 degrees in the Low – and Mid-Belgium.

Thursday in the morning, it may have a light freeze across the eastern part of the country. With the cloud cover increasing from the west and, gradually, there is a light rain. The highs hovering around 9 degrees in the center of the country.

Friday . it’s going to rain. It is softer, with a maximum of around 15 degrees celsius in the centre of town. On Saturday expect to the RMI, a variable cloudiness with a few showers. It will remain mild with a high around 14 degrees it is in the centre of town. Sunday’s increase is from the west, gradually, in the rain. The mercury will climb to 13 or 14 degrees.