What did Felice Mazzu a sigh of relief. Antwerp was on the way to the world after two 4-0-defeat-in-the Luminus in the Arena, but the degree of victory is still out of your hands. Sander Berge made it to the final in the very last minute.

she didn’t have was that of the Bathroom. If you’re a red lantern, Club Brugge at home, narrowly escaped with a 1-0 could be wrong, you’ll know that it’s up against a tough team, as the Gaffer will certainly be difficult. Felice Mazzu thought back to spitsenduo in order to make a difference, but the swift attack was on the other side a place where one Lamkel Zé around them. After three minutes, the Kameroener for the first time on the train, and began to Norre – the replacement for the injured Maehle – straight to the bone. The first shot of the Lamkel Zé went along, but a moment later, it was definately one to remember. Antwerp, combining bright, and the use of butane proved to be a very handsome man, why clubs such as Wolverhampton and Watford to go with him. In the second post so Lamkel Zé, which is within his – glorious – left. While this time he extracted a nice walk, did a Mazzu, what he is this season, as so many did-no, stop shaking.

Schwalbe and yellow

Laszlo Bölöni had to have been re-organized. As so often, had A one basisspeler, without explanation, in the stands, was thrown, after Coopman what happened to it now that We are, nota bene, against his former club. But with its great choice of Rodrigues turned out to be a góéíe, the Portuguese was again in the match. However, he gave up just a corner, a road On the 1-to-1 was able to make it, but that’s only half in addition to the ball is kicked. It was, however, very, very, very often-at Genk: not at all. Especially, Ito was able to have a couple of times a dangerous move, but it was either his first move is not clear, or hurried, he is a man with a lot of. But he tried, at least, of his colleagues on the left, not Bongonda, but Ndongala – drove all the way, no danger.

Red Rodrigues

once Again, what is the difference between Lamkel Zé. The little rascal kept terrorizing the thuisdefensie. He was also in the grip of a silly yellow card, this time for a schwalbe in the middle of the field, but also for Genk as they were, but worth noting that after a period of 45 minutes, only one goal had been. After 47 minutes, on the other hand… in The second half, and had only just started when Rodrigues was from the left side to come in, he saw that the Dewaest week, and continued for weeks, and hit the ball through the Lucumi in the short corner Coucke had to leave the race. 0 to 2, and, oddly enough, is even less than the disbelief in the stands. Antwerp was just sharper and better. The same Rodrigues fusilleerde and immediately after that another two of the zijnetten.

Mazzu had the (defensive) switch used – Advertising did the rest, Uronen, and they threw it out now Bongonda in a fight. The man’s 7-million-missing out on a lot of encouragement, maybe he as a supersub, however. It was in any case necessary, because Genk, it was truly and totally confused, and could not have a single dangerous attack of boxing. All of it turned out, for the umpteenth time that the ball does not necessarily mean you need to. During pitched on the far end of an (even moderate) vrijschop for the purpose of, and Samatta, showed that he killerinstinct has not yet been lost. From it doesn’t last for the Tanzanian, the aansluitingstreffer past Bolat.

As for the influx of fans for over 70 minutes long, and is a party to be built, the Genk supporters have finally found a glimmer of hope, and she screamed for their players to come forward. At some point Gaffer, or best, three to one, but Rodrigues did not Coucke tens of meters to his goal and the ball was intercepted. 1 through 3, there was particularly close to. And díchterbij when Mirallas for Coucke came up, and his crossed shot just to poke home.

Antwerp, it was sticking to the neck, and even as Rodrigues have been a second yellow card picked up. At ten, the man is hoping Genk on the saving goal, and it fell all the way. In the 96th minute and kept On searching until it finds a hole it had found, and he had to leave the race after a very surprising second half, within.