Pascal Angillis, explains his job as a coach, Spirou Basket, is temporarily down. On the website of the team is from Charleroi, he explained on Monday that, during his eight-year-old son, and a tumor was discovered.

“about ten days ago and has been in the Sidy, and my eight-year-old son, is a tumor that has been discovered. Right, it is a very serious therapy is initiated, which requires that I be on a daily basis for my family to stay. After consulting with my wife and the doctors, it is clear that I have all of my attention must be focused on the healing of my son, and to the well-being of the family,” said Angillis.

“It was a tough decision for the team, performing well at work, and the players are afraid of the effort it is not to be collectively better at it. I hope I will soon be back again with the staff, to be able to. According to the doctors, I will have a two-to-three-month absence. I would like to thank the board of directors of Spirou Basket, is that they have me 100 per cent support.”

To Angillis back, then his deputy, Sam Rotsaert, the first of the game in his hands. He gets the Oscar, Lata, in addition to himself. Four competitienederlagen in a row Spirou Basket in the new season of the Euromillions Basketball League will be missed.
More about the Spirou Charleroi will Need to Spirou Charleroi, Axel Hervelle, four-to-six weeks out with a knee injury-Antwerp Giants, gets the full loot, at Charleroi, and a Second uitzege in a row, the Euromillions League for the Mountains, and after derbywinst in Charleroi, and Axel Hervelle will take place after this season and retiring as a player: “EuroCup with Real Madrid, a win in Charleroi, it is the most beautiful souvenir”