the Two British backpackers were on a diving trip in Australia, was attacked by a shark. Danny Maggs (22) and Alistair Raddon (28), and were in the water when the animal is suddenly struck: the first was attacked, the shark is one of a young man, and then the other. The men were taken back to the boat and hoisted up, where they first had help from some of the nurses on board the ship. One of the men had lost his right foot, while the other has serious injuries suffered in his place.

After the attack, received the lord in first aid on the boat, while on a search and rescue helicopter was on its way to get them is to go to the hospital to make. According to doctors, men were in a remarkably good mood. “Her condition was critical, but she had left,” said one of the doctors. On the way to the hospital, the couple are still mopjes have made over their rugby team. In the hospital, underwent two emergency. Danny Maggs, it would be between the two operations carried out by his father, is called, in which he stated that he was doodsangsten has suffered. He went on to explain that his injuries are much worse, they could have been.

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