you can Test in Purchase to require a “basisbankdienst ‘ will be set up for the digitisation of the programme. The service is for people with a bad financial situation, but it is the consumer wants, which is to be expanded to digital, a weaker consumer.

In 2003, the so-called “basisbankdienst” has been introduced, in order to prevent the people, for the sake of a bad financial situation, should be rejected as a client by a bank. “It’s as if a street address or a sickness, it is a private bank account, after all, of paramount importance in order to be a full member of the community,” argues a Test buy that change.

The consumers ‘ association proposes to provide such service in my life and to call people who have no way of knowing, with the digitalization. According to the Test you Purchase is the digitization of the banking sector, too fast and too forced, and there are a lot of people seem to forget. A lot of consumers are not familiar with the work, using a smartphone or a computer, or don’t have the resources to do so. For example, to Test Purchase a lot of complaints about the rising rates of the various services offered by digital, the weaker the consumers to be used.

The organization is that all of the customers who request them, even if they do not meet the terms and conditions in a bank to gain access to the “Basisbankdienst”account. This would, therefore, be with the people that the digital transition is going too fast. In that way, they would have a variety of manual operations to do, such as withdraw cash and paper-based credit transfers, not for more money.

you can Test the Purchase will add the application to meet the requirements of her petition for “Stopbankkosten”, which is about 18,000 signatures have been collected.
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