Raids in the Canton of Vaud – a suspected million-fraud with Corona Credit, a number of companies due to incorrect information several million Swiss francs and a part of it – abroad transferred. 82 Kommentare82Im of Vaud country, it should be fraud with Corona loans. (Icon image)photo: Keystone

The Prosecutor’s office of the Canton of Vaud an investigation against credit fraudsters due to suspected fraudulent use of Corona has to be taken loans. More than one and a half million Swiss francs have been remitted abroad. One Person was taken into custody.

The premises of several companies were at 19. May frozen searches and numerous accounts, as the Vaud police and the Prosecutor’s office said on Monday. It is an investigation has been initiated, among other things, fraud, unfair management, securities counterfeiting, money laundering and violation of the regulation on joint and several guarantees in connection with Covid-19-credits.

Several people were taken into custody, one of the suspects was placed in custody. In the case of the alleged perpetrators is a Swiss citizen with Turkish roots, as it is called on. They are suspected to have different banks on the basis of false information loans in the amount of several million francs. In particular, it is accused of the alleged perpetrators to have the banks over the sales of the company deceived.

repayment of the money in Switzerland

More than one and a half million francs had abroad been transferred, it was said in the message. Steps had been taken to the monies due as quickly as possible back to Switzerland.

The banks, which the Covid-loans granted, had carried out checks, such as the state’s attorney Anton Rüsch told the news Agency Keystone-SDA. The suspected cases had surfaced. The banks informed accordingly, the money laundering reporting office (MROS) at the Federal office of police (fedpol). The subsequent inspections were carried out by the fedpol and the case, thereafter, the office of the public Prosecutor of the Canton of Vaud passed, as Rüsch said.

“It affects several types of companies, small and medium-sized companies”, added the Prosecutor, who was not able to call because of the ongoing investigations into the details. You suspect that they would have used the borrowed funds for purposes other than liquidity bottlenecks of your company.

The fraud relates to “Essentially” the Canton of Vaud. Rüsch is no bigger case of fraud than this in Switzerland, but at the present time, it was still a suspect, he said.

More cases in the Canton of Zurich is known

Already, on 12. May similar cases in the Canton of Zurich had become known. Around 30 suspected cases of fraudulent applications were made in connection with the Covid-regulation of the Federal Council to the public, it came to investigations. The exact Threshold could not be quantified at that time, but still.

it is often Laundry was fraud and forgery, possibly also money. The acquired loans were either transferred to private accounts abroad. Or they would be used for no corona-related purposes, such as for the repayment of private loans, it said.

On 25. In March the Federal Council enacted a regulation which awards the rapid credit and joint and several guarantees for the companies it regulates.


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