A sun ray of hope


Rome, the regions of open – A sun ray of hope, Except in Lombardy and Piedmont are the Infection for the First control. Now, the Italian Central government to the regions new freedoms.Oliver Meiler from Rom2 Kommentare2Ein touch of summer: feet in the Sand, but with face protection, here in Terracina, South of Rome.Photo: Antonio Masiello ()

Italy faces a change of course, one could also call it a paradigm shift. And probably South Tyrol has served as a pioneer, as the avant-garde. The Central government in Rome, the responsibility for the Opening of the Lockdown to the governors from the regions, who had complained previously about the line in the capital. The Premier Giuseppe Conte never went far enough in the other, he went too far with the restrictions of public life, depending on the political orientation.

denominated governors in the duty

so Far, it was always so, that the measures were in force for all, in the arg-affected areas in the North as well as in the almost entirely spared the South of the country. The helped with to put the brakes on the spread of the Virus. Now, however, only the Lombardy and the Piedmont, are in a critical Situation.

All the other regions of Italy have a Corona for the First brought under control. As the best indicator of the number of occupied serves beds intensively, the biggest concern of the Italians since the beginning of the crisis: it has fallen to under a thousand. So deep it was since the disposal of the hard Lockdown on March 10. March, never been.

In the Autonomous South Tyrol, you will not want to wait. Last week, the Provincial government decided in Bolzano a special path and unlocked almost everything: Restaurants, Bars, shops, museums, libraries, industry establishments. 18. May may regions, now also all the other Italian, you should decide on the measures and their Mass.

“It is a new Phase for the governors begins,” said Minister Francesco Boccia, who is responsible for the Decentralized. “You now carry the responsibility for their regions.” The polemical undertone, the pay was quite intentional. For the case that the curve of new infections is rising again, reserves the right to Rome the right to intervene immediately. With the establishment of the “Zone rosse”, with a total of interlocks of individual communities and areas so.

“We will go to the seaside, in the mountains, we will be able to enjoy our cities.”

Giuseppe Conte, Italy’s Prime Minister, over the summer of 2020,

The change in the season, and the holiday is a clear sign that confidence to become more of what relates to the summer. Conte said the other day: “We will not spend this summer on our balconies, the beauty of Italy will not stay in the quarantine caught. We will go to the sea, in the mountains, we will be able to enjoy our cities.” He hoped that all Italians will spend your holidays in Italy. Of foreign tourists, he said. However, if the country’s borders will soon be open, depends not only from Italy.

Sardinia has a special Plan

Between the Italian regions, you will not be allowed to provisionally run still, except in cases of emergency This limitation is likely to fall at the end of may. Many Italians have second residences in their home region, or the sea, you are then allowed into their houses. However, it is also up to the regions conditions. Sardinia, for example, plans to test every visitor to the arrival of the ferry and the plane, first to Corona. How, in practice, is not yet so clear.

Meanwhile, expert groups have developed guidelines for the “Phase two”, and also because of interest, especially those to the beaches. In the beach baths with state of licenses each the sun is to be removed screen a minimum of four and a half meters from the door, between the deck rows, the distance should be five meters. Before the visit, you will have to book his place online. On the free beaches police officers and Stewards to the Right look, you channel the visitors. It is too close, too fast. Beach towel in the Sand and lying on it? You are not allowed to.

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