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If there is one principle of the universe as such, and considering that it really is able to do science on this, researchers often conceive as a great explosion, a “Big Bang” that created the space-time that began to run the clock and allowed the formation of galaxies, stars and planets. But, what will happen in the future? Will there be an end? By what we know up to now, the gas of the galaxies run out and will not allow to be born new stars. They will be consumed and all will be plunged in darkness. In silence. For always, if it is, then, something is marking the passage of time.

“it Will be a rather sad, lonely and cold,” he said in a press release Matt Caplan , theoretical physicist of the University of the State of Illinois (united States). “This is what is known as the “death of heat”, where the universe will be composed mainly by black holes and stars sold out,” said Caplan.

In an article that has been accepted to be published in “Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society”, the researcher you have calculated when it will all be so deathly quiet . To do so, estimated when will be the last supernova explosion, a violent blast that normally occurs when very massive stars exhaust their fuel and collapse on themselves. According to his estimates, this will happen within 10^32.000 years (that is, a one followed 32,000 zeros, more than can fit on a sheet of paper).

however, what is certain is that the calculations of Matt Caplan does not describe the death of very massive stars. You will be dead long before: as we see around us, in the present, large stars fuse elements each time more heavy, until they reach the iron. This chemical element does not fuse, and accumulates in their nuclei, eventually causing the stellar collapse and the subsequent explosion.

Supernovae, dwarf black

that’s why, at the end of all things will be the smaller stars, which do not explode with violent supernvoas but become white dwarfs: this is precisely the fate that awaits the Sun. How are these white dwarfs? Basically, they consist of the kernel off of a star that has lost its envelope.

In theory, over time, these nuclei are cooled and become what is known as dwarf black: “as white dwarfs cool, in the next few billion years, will be less brilantes, and finally, it will solidify, becoming dwarf black not to shine ,” said Caplan. These are composed of light elements, like carbon and oxygen, and will have the size of planets. But, to direncia of these, will reach the mass of stars.

The quantum tunnel effect

But when form the dwarf not black it will all be over. As has been proposed by this researcher, in his interior will occur fusion reactions because of a phenomenon known as quantum tunnel effect. This has an important consequence: “The merger is still happening, even at a temperature of zero. Simply, it takes a really long time”. Why, even the dwarf black will produce iron and they will end up shooting supernova explosions: this is what Caplan has called ” supernova black dwarf “.

As has been predicted by the scientist, only the dwarfs have a more black heavy, that prowl around between the 1,2 and the 1,4 solar masses will explode as well. This means that they will die in this way, the 1% of the stars are estimated to exist throughout the universe.

A blackness to infinity

Caplan has been calculated that all the dwarfs black designed to exploit what have they done in 10^to 32,000 years. Therefore, from that moment on, the universe will be dead and in the silence . “It is hard to imagine that something will happen after that. Supernovae in dwarf black could be the last thing interesting that will happen in the universe.”

By then, the appearance of the universe does not seem to know today: “The galaxies have been dispersed, the black holes will have evaporated , the expansion of the universe will have moved so far to the objects that neither will see the others to exploit. It will be physically impossible for the light to travel so far”. Only will be a blackness infinite in all its dimensions.

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