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It was a bolt from the blue, on the trial of the train accident in Buizingen. The Public Prosecutor’s office made a total u-turn vis-à-vis that of the defendant, the driver of the ramp vehicle.

the Train driver, Robin, V., B. B. (40) is accused of being in the red to have been. In the first instance, had been, the Public Prosecutor’s office as a punishment, claimed in a three year suspension, plus a fine. But that was after the argument and the debate has changed. The Public Prosecutor’s office focuses on the question of the defence of the treinchauffeur to be more important to worry about who’s the toughest mistake has been made: the RAILWAY, or to the member of the board. The magistrate, there remains, however, that the driver passed through a red signal line.

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That will open the door for a remission of the punishment of the accused. In other words, instead of a three-year delay, the court can make a declaration that he is at fault, but there was no prosecution in together.

in Front of the NMBS / sncb and Infrabel on the contrary, it is the public minister, firm, and demanding, still, a fine of, respectively, € 600 000 and 500 000 euro, without any kind of delay. The sentence will be pronounced on december 3.

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