The former Dortmund and Wolfsburg Bundesliga Pro Jakub Blaszczykowski in a hurry in a financial distress Polish football club Wisla Krakow. The 33-Year-old and two other investors want to lend to the indebted club a total of the equivalent of about a Million euros, as the to the rescue, involved in the entrepreneur Yaroslav Krolewski said on Saturday the channel TVP Sport. According to media reports, Blaszczykowski, left at the beginning of January in Wolfsburg and is currently back at his old Club Wisla Krakow, coached, and be ready to play first without a salary.

The financial help, the want to make Blaszczykowski, Krolweski and an anonymous Investor to the same Share of about 310,000 euros to save the club prior to a final loss of his license for the game in Poland’s first League, Ekstraklasa. A Committee of Poland’s football Association PZPN had suspended license on Friday due to the financial distress initially. According to reports, Wisla Krakow was not able to pay its players.

Krolewski, praised Blaszczykowskis use as a model for Poland football player and the overall League. “He is a very humble Person, and now have what played for him in life, never a role: materialism and money,” said the business man. Blaszczykowski, who has already played from 2005 to 2007, Wisla, was loaned to his old club as early as 2018, around € 230,000. For the club, he will play according to the radio station “Polskie Radio” but only if Krakow remains in the first League.