Halle, germany – The bicycle is on the rise, and so is also the job of bicycle shops and repair technicians. One of them is a young, Siebe Ceurens (19) from Halle, germany. “Three-quarters of the sales of bicycles are electric. However, the most common of repairs, which are always the same,” says Siebe, who was also quite a bit of leasinggebruikers customers can rely on.

Siebe Ceurens to be one of the youngest self-fietstechniekers in the province of Vlaams-Brabant, be. The nineteen-year-old entrepreneur opened a few weeks ago, fietshandel in the centre of Halle, germany, under the name of Parvelo, which is the local dialect for a specific trip on a bike.

Fietstechnici as Siebe, it seems to be in a profession with a future. Cycling is very popular at the weekends and during the week. About 15 percent of the population cycle regularly to work, and that there are double the number five years ago. More and more companies are offering a leasing service to their co-workers. Bikes, all of them must be chosen, but it will also be maintained and repaired. If you go on training courses to fietstechnieker or fietsvakhandelaar, you will notice that, for example, in the training, Syntra, often to full or full to.

it Is not as exciting as a 19-year-old, if you have your own fietszaak to start. “Quite well,” replied Siebe. “The bikes on a technical level, not so much secrets from me. But what was new was the sheer contact with clients, such as explaining, if they have a bike for everybody.

in His case, especially in the retail market, but now has contracts with two leasing companies, including KBC. “For the bicycle shops and technicians win business market, with leasingfietsen of interest. That is a very interesting market. But for the time being, it is, for me, the consumer, still the largest client group, followed by the leasingklanten.”

Siebe, obtained the degree of cycling, and bromfietshersteller at the Don Bosco Institute in Halle, germany. “I’ve learned a lot from my dad who, at home, in after-hours basis to a cycle of working. After school, I helped him with it. Today, the roles are reversed: the pressure is on, he helps me sometimes,” says Siebe, who, moreover, confesses himself, not die-hard cyclists-to-be.