World well-known case – pioneer of the US abortion ruling, let opponents bezahlenIn a new documentary, the protagonist of the famous US abortion ruling, Roe v. Wade admits that she was later occurred against money as an abortion opponent. “It was all a Show,” says Norma McCorvey.Martin Kilian, Washington8 Kommentare8Norma McCorvey, a woman with a problematic life, in the documentary “AKA Jane Roe”.Photo: Keystone/FX via AP

it was the unknown young American who complained in 1973 against the abortion ban in the state of Texas. In your case, the world known as “Roe v. Wade”, ended up before the Supreme Federal court in Washington, with seven votes to two, the constitutional court ruled in favor of the abortion liberty in the United States. Until today this judgment is polarized, especially conservative Evangelical Christians call for a reversal.

The applicant is revealed later, as Norma McCorvey, a woman with a problematic life. As a girl she had been abused, as a gay young woman excluded. You joined years after the judgment, firstly, as an advocate of abortion, freedom to the Public, McCorvey converted at the beginning of the nineties, to have an abortion opponent.

Now, a documentary film by the Director Nick Sweeney, the show will be broadcast on Friday from the TV stations, Hulu and FX revealed that McCorvey was paid for by two Evangelical pastors, to agitate against abortion freedom. “It was all a Show,” said McCorvey, who referred to her statements in the Film as a “deathbed confession”. She died of failure of 2017 to heart.

pastors are guilty

On the question of whether she was “a trophy” for Evangelical opponent of abortion, responds McCorvey: “of Course, I was a big fish, I’ve taken your money, and you have put me in front of the cameras, and taught me what to say”. It was “a good actress”, but now they say “the truth”.

Not only Sweeney found evidence of more than 450’000 dollars in money and other gifts. McCorvey was “a target” because she was “needy,” says Rob Schenck, one of the two pastors who worked with McCorvey, the documentary filmmaker. This is what he had, and Pastor Flip Benham, who headed for years the radical Anti-abortion organization Operation Rescue, for their purposes, and exploited.

“I was aware of what we have done, and sometimes I thought you would have known it, too,” explains Schenck. He had even thought about he and Benham of McCorvey had been tampered with. Schenck sees itself as Evangelical. But he had become more critical towards the Evangelical community. If Roe v. conceded Wade and the abortion liberty in the United States would be repealed, “would be the result of Chaos and pain.” And this should not be left to women “,” says Schenck, the film-maker.

Also, McCorvey endorsed before her death, the abortion freedom: “If a young woman wants to have an abortion, that is fine, that’s none of my business,” said Sweeney.

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