“Crime of the week” – A novel is like a Hitchcock movie Laura Lippman had a private investigator Tess Monaghan is determined finally back to English. “Was murdered, The woman in the green raincoat”?Hanspeter Eggenberger0 comment she travels the victim of a serial killer? Or just with the money of the husband burned out?Photo: /istockphot or first set of

“will I be kept here as a hostage,” whispered Tess Monaghan in your iPhone.

The book

The woman noticed Tess Monaghan, because you and your dog both wearing a green rain coat. Due to complications in the last month of your pregnancy, being bound to the bed, a private detective, observed the chic Couple of days from your front porch, if it goes for a walk in the Park. Until she sees one day the dog alone.

Tess takes up the apparently abandoned animal and begins together with her assistant in the detective Agency, and with friends, to search for the woman. Soon, the investigator is assuming that the dog’s owner has been murdered – because, even the earlier women of her husband came under strange circumstances died. Tess is confronted with a serial killer on the trail.

A bit of the beginning of the novel reminiscent of “The woman in the green raincoat,” the American author Laura Lippman in the Hitchcock Film “Rear Window” (“window to the yard”), in which James Stewart, who has to endure due to a broken leg in his apartment, through the window, the neighbors observed, and a murder to track down it seems. There, as here, the question arises: Is actually a murder? Or is the woman who left her dog just took off after she has plundered the accounts of her husband, how is this told?

Tess Monaghan is a tough detective who does not fit it at all, to have idly lying around. You feel your unborn daughter was “held hostage”: “Of a terrorist. Their demands are vague, your intentions are unclear, but they could hold me for at least two months. Twelve weeks or eighteen years, depending on how you look at it.” The mystery of the missing woman comes right Tess there just to make your boring everyday life on the lounger by the window to the Park a little more exciting.

Laura Lippman has Tess Monaghan before this novel since 1997 in a number of successful stories occur. So far, a total of twelve books in this series earlier four have been published in English. “The woman in the green raincoat,” wrote Lippman as a serial novel for the magazine of the New York Times. That explains why he is quite short. And he is certainly not the best work of this author. But the story is entertaining, skillfully, and with a good Dose of Humor.

It is gratifying that the Zurich Kampa-publishing starts with the Tess Monaghan series to be released. Already in September of the first case, “Baltimore Blues appear to be” under the new German title “The beloved of the bridegroom”.

The rating originality: ★★★☆☆voltage: ★★★☆☆realism: ★★★☆☆Humor: ★★★★☆ overall rating: ★★★☆☆ The author worked as a journalist, today she is a full-time mystery writer Laura Lippman.Image: Leslie Unruh/PD

Laura Lippman was born in 1959 in Atlanta in the US state of Georgia, lived from 1965 with her family in Baltimore, Maryland. Studied she has journalism at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Chicago. She initially worked in Texas in the daily newspaper “Waco Tribune-Herald” and “San Antonio Light”, before returning in 1989 to Baltimore, where she was for twelve years a reporter at the leading newspaper “The Baltimore Sun”.

As you gave up in 2001, steady Job, already appeared in your sixth crime novel with Tess Monaghan as the main character, a former journalist, now a private detective. Four of these novels were published from 2003 to 2005, also in German.

Meanwhile, the series includes twelve titles, in addition, Laura Lippman has published eleven Standalones, four of which are released in German. The Zurich Kampa-publisher to submit to “The woman in the green raincoat”, the previous Tess Monaghan novels new.

Laura Lippman’s since 2006, married to David Simon, who also worked as a Journalist at “The Baltimore Sun”, before he was a television writer and producer. He is especially known as the main author and producer of the cult series “The Wire”. The Couple has a ten-year-old daughter and lives in Baltimore.

Laura Lippman: “The woman in the green raincoat” (Original: “The Girl in the Green Raincoat”, William Morrow, New York, 2011). From the English, Sepp Leeb. Kampa-Verlag, Zurich 2020. 189 p., about 22 Fr.

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