The Brussels-based strafuitvoeringsrechtbank has a Monday morning approved a new psychiatric assessment of the Marc Dutroux. The advocates of the He had in order to some new research, then it may be a request for the release on parole of a customer to be able to submit it.

Marc, He is now 23 years of age. In 2004, it was the most hated criminal of the land, to life in prison have been convicted of kidnapping, imprisoning and sexually abusing six girls in 1995 and 1996, and murdering four of his victims.And Marc, He maintains that he has been convicted of a number of things that he didn’t do and punished for the crimes of others. That has to be a lawyer, teacher, Bruno Dayez, on Monday, declared after the decision of the Brussels-based strafuitvoeringsrechtbank (SURB). That is a new psychiatric assessment of his client’s order. “His version is that on the network,” said Dayez.

According to the Dayez has He actually repented: “He’s had his regrets are expressed, the facts of the case, that he was willing to admit. His version is still the one that has been laid down in the judgment of the assisenhof. The parties remain convinced that not everything is brought to light, in particular, in relation to a network. There have been cases in which he has been convicted, which he will always deny it.”

now, His lawyers, Bruno Dayez, and Nicholas Cohen, like that of the mental state of the client is explored. Five of the experts have to assess the risk that He would relapse. If the results are favourable, the lawyers of Dutroux, a request for a conditional release. A previous diagnosis was and that He psychopathic it is.

The lawyer of Marc Dutroux, mr. Bruno Dayez, and after the session, happy to respond to the decision taken by the Brussels-based strafuitvoeringsrechtbank (SURB).

as of The SURB, the three psychiatrists indicated that the defense had presented, and which, according to the Dayez of the best warranties offered in terms of objectivity, impartiality, and competence.

as For the rest of the families of the victims, as well, that He one day would have the opportunity to make it clear what the truth is, according to the lawyer, “He does not dispute that he was responsible for the deaths of the children, but he is, for example, deny the fact that he was Julie and She was kidnapped for. He does a number of things that are true, but that is not going to listen.”

advocates hope that He at 2021 free.

for More about Marc, He is So exceptional as to the verdict for the offender Pokémonmoord: more severe punishment than He Lawyers, Marc Dutroux get started at home with a new mental health research in HER. In the minds of the people, Michel Nihoul (78) will always be ‘that pedophile’ has remained, Michel Nihoul, accused, in case He died: “In his 78 th his body”