The 4-0 win of Liverpool in the Champions League final against Barcelona, with two goals from Divock Origi, has been one of the highlights of the European cup football last season. The Reds were a 3-0 defeat from the first leg of the charts, and would eventually be the Trophy with the Big Ears and winning. For the city, it was a dark day, and the fans will soon be experiencing.

It will be next month at Rakuten TV with a new documentary about the Catalan club out of the hand of a Hollywood legend, and John Malkovic. In the eight episodes of the season-2018/2019, in summary, each episode revolves around one of the crucial match. It should come as no surprise that the pandoering against Liverpool in one match it is.

in The documentary, has come up with unique footage from the dressing room of Barcelona, after which opdoffer. In the preview, the preview is given. The Catalan selection later, for him to stare at, Jordi Alba and Ernesto Valverde have now skip the frustration of that is down to starting at 0:32).

It wasn’t all doom and gloom in the champions league semi-final last season, which is the title of the particular time. In the final match of the cup was somewhat of a surprising loss against Valencia.