if you are in a shooting Wednesday night in the Langbroekdreef in the South-east of Amsterdam, is a casualty. Two of the suspects fled on a scooter. It is not yet clear whether there is a correlation with the return on the lawyer’s Derk, Wiersum, earlier in the day.

it was on a black scooter is under attack. The vehicle ended up in the fire. There caused no injuries. However, the driver of the car, it became obvious that he fatally injured a short time after the facts of death.

According to the police, there were two people on a motor scooter with three wheels. They will be returned. The men were dressed in black and were wearing black helmets. The intention is to make a major search operation in progress.

now, as to the identity of the victims is still not known.

in the Morning, it was in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam Buitenveldert, a part of the city, a criminal lawyer Derk Wiersum shot. He was kroongetuige Nabil b. in the Marengo-making process, the criminal case against the law by Ridouan Taghi and Said Razzouki. The police are going to be there now that there is no connection, but explore it even more.

Extra protection

After the murder of the Dutch lawyer’s Derk, Wiersum Wednesday morning and were taken to the public prosecution service (OM), and the judges involved in the trial of the gang of criminal’s head Ridouan Taghi, in the case of Marengo. That is, Fred Westerbeke, the officer of the national office of the public prosecutor’s office, Wednesday night reported to be in the tv program Nieuwsuur.

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