The man, who has been since Sunday night, upside down, at a ninety-meter-high chimney, in the North of England, Carlisle hung up, is dead. Apparently, he was in the small hours of the night, in the industrial chimney climbing. As to why he did so is not clear.

According to the British media, have heard, neighbors of the man last night screaming and then the police warned them. It was a major rescue operation is launched. Pictures on social media to see what a helicopter is, around the chimney, as it rotated. The police are also using drones to get in the situation to get it. The roads surrounding the former factory site, which dates back to 1836, it must be closed. The audience will be called upon to stay away from the area.

It is not clear what the man is. “We will do anything to get the man safely to the bottom to get to it,” said politiewoordvoerder Matt Kennerley Monday afternoon. “But it is a very complex undertaking. We do not need to hide safely to the bottom to see all of them, but also with our search and rescue team.” The Penrith Mountain Rescue Team was called. But they, too, could be the man to deliver.

There is now a hoogtewerker on-the-spot to put. Photo: rr

The fire department on the afternoon, a call was made to the economic operator to quickly create a working platform of at least 90 metres of the scene of the accident to apply. These machines are commonly used in the installation of wind turbines and electricity pylons. In the late afternoon, as well as hoogtewerker on-the-spot to put.

The man hung up in the meantime, though, more than a dozen hours, upside down, with his legs up in the air. Perhaps it was only with his clothes, so be very careful to do this. In addition, the kitchen stove is old, so there is no risk of a possible collapse, she wanted to do.

In the evening he said to the politiewoordvoerder that the man had stopped moving, and there’s no communication anymore. An hour later, came the news that he had died. The body of the man in his fifties has now been brought down.

Why is the man in the high tower, it is ascended, it is not yet clear.

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