A Us man was on Thursday hit by a bolt of lightning when he and his dogs are uitliet. Alexander Coreas ran back to his car when the storm began, but then disaster struck. Three of the dogs were gone, but the veterinary surgeons at a nearby hospital, had seen everything and shot to the rescue. Coreas ran to the broken ribs and torn muscles, but was killed in the blast.

the “socks and shoes were blown off”, they were told by the vets at the party. “He wasn’t moving anymore, and he had no pulse.” His rescuers kept him available until the next a pulse is felt. In the meantime, the emergency services have arrived at Coreas way.

The terrifying incident was filmed by a security camera of the hospital. Coreas is still in the hospital and has a long recovery ahead of them. To his family thank you in the meantime, his rescuers: “Without each and every one of them was a completely different time.”

There was a crowdfundingactie put in place in order for the medical to be able to pay for it.