The Uk is in the grip of an impairment charge of theft. The 47-year-old Steve Whitehurst will be a visit to the store is still a long time to remember it. When he said he wanted to leave, one of the things he was suddenly stopped by the staff, because he has a big bulge in his pants was. His response? “I’m Sorry, that’s just my penis.” But that wasn’t enough, he needed to present evidence and be left with a blush on his face, and go home.

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“I thought they were a joke, but they made it,” said Whitehurst at the local newspaper, The Sentinel. But it didn’t work out. The bulge in his pants was so large that the staff at Scott’s, a clothing store, she thought that he was a piece of clothing in his pants and had to stop.

Whitehurst, had just settled in. “They just kept at it, point to it. I said: “I’m sorry, but that’s my penis. I asked them what I should do for my innocence to be proven. They did not have to. So, I was left with no other choice,” he said. A male employee, he had to be in the dressing room, in order to prove that nothing had been stolen.

After an inspection it turned out that the man is indeed telling the truth. He was just a great creation. “I’m the pounds, you have arrived, so my pants sit tighter. But there is nothing I can do about that, so I made ben,” said he afterwards in agony.

the of Degrading

According to the, an Englishman, tried to him out of the dressing room to keep them. “I was being held captive. In the meanwhile, a huge crowd gathered outside, over a hundred men. It was humiliating. A lot of people think it’s funny, but I guess it doesn’t have to be fun.”

A spokesperson for the store says that Whitehurst is aggressive, but that has never been asked to make clothes out of it to do. The Englishman continues to tell his story. The next morning, he came back and asked for a formal apology, but I got zero sleep. “I felt as if I were a small man with a large penis, that it had to withdraw from the company. Very, very frustrating.” His wife, Mandy Shenton (46) that is it. “How can they have him covered, it was ridiculous.”