the family is in England and is a firm shocked after their trip to Turkey. During the trip, they had to have a plumber’s expertise, which was primarily transferred to an attacker. The family was able to have everything re-examine, through the closed-circuit television cameras.

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Mike Wilson (42) was supposed to be in the bathroom with the Williams family some of the work done. Instead, he used the office to get his lover to talk to. The plumber, who is on the bill too doorrekende, didn’t realize there was a tiny camera was hidden in the living room.

for Two hours, after such a long journey for the couple inside. What are the two uitspookten, it is good to hear the camera sounds like a recording.

Blondes are recognized:

At the top knew the Williams family and the blonde woman. It turned out to be the wife of a friend of mine. Michael Williams has sent a prompt to write a message to his friend. “I’m Sorry, friend, but you have to have a look at this. Your wife has had sex with Mike Wilson to my house.”

The family had been so shaken, that the sofa on which of the two is their passion botvierden have given it away. “They do this in a house where kids live… We could get them to no longer be in that seat, sit down”, sounds like it’s in the family. They have decided to close the account of the plumber not have to pay for it.

in addition, There is a police investigation started to. The plumber is also accused of being a beer to have been stolen from the house.

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