A Man donates a kidney after his heart-rending letter found in a package of the page.


it’s A Scottish man has received a kidney donated in order to in the life of an unknown person to the rescue after receiving a heart wrenching note found in the parcel which his wife had ordered it on eBay.

As the wife of Ray Duffy in 2013, and a blouse ordered through eBay, had to pack in a heart-rending letter to: the clerk said that she had to get her stuff to sell. Her husband had left his job because he has a kidney transplant was needed. The 53-year-old, She was so moved by it that he is the list owner, but he didn’t know how he was able to help you.

up To two years later, on the radio and heard a talk about the living donor, and bite the bullet: he is said to have a kidney to give to someone else to save the day. β€œI had it in 2013 and would like to help, but I didn’t know whether that’s possible, and it was legal. But when you listen to that radio program, and two years later, there was suddenly a light comes on. That’s when I knew that I had to help them.”

She allowed herself to be in november of 2016 to register, it was after months and months of being investigated and, in march 2017 and the man is in a hospital in Edinburgh is to go under the knife. β€œIt was a very sobering experience. I know that not everyone can do this, it is willing to do it was also for me a huge decision to make, but it just felt right.”

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